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How do I obtain documents filed with the Secretary of State?

GKL can assist you with obtaining documents from the Secretary of State. Visit our order forms section online or call us at (888) 682-4368 to place your request.

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Would it benefit me to file as a Corporation or a Limited Liability Company?

The type of entity you choose is unique to your situation. Please contact your Attorney or Tax consultant for advice about your individual circumstances. GKL Registered Agents of NV, Inc. can assist you with expediting your filing once you are ready to proceed.

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What is the advantage of using GKL as my Resident Agent?

GKL’s resident agent service includes monitoring your corporation for statutory compliance, notifying you immediately upon receipt of service of process, storage of your corporation records as required by NRS statutes and the filing of your Annual List with the Secretary of State.

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Do I have to get a Nevada business license for my Nevada business entity?

If the entity is filed in the State of Nevada you will need to get a business license from the Department of Taxation. Nonprofits are exempt from this license.

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Are there different business licenses?

There is a business tax shell license for businesses with no employees and no sales. There is a State license which includes the Nevada Modified Business Tax License, Nevada State business License and Sales/Use Tax Permit License. There is also a county business license in the counties that the business entity is doing business.

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Can I open a Nevada banking account?

GKL can assist in opening a Nevada banking account in Carson City, Nevada. You will also need to apply for a Carson City business license when opening this account.

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What if I need mail forwarding service?

GKL offers this service for a yearly fee plus postage. Please note that this service is only available to business where GKL is the resident and is not available for individuals per US Postal Regulations.

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