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GKL does not provide legal or accounting advice and will perform all services based on the client's direction. GKL is not responsible for errors or omissions on legal documents prepared by the client and will not pay for rejection fees with the appropriate state agency. GKL will not be responsible for your failure to comply with legal requirements of each state agency.

You our "Client" and/or your Firm/Company are responsible for payment. GKL does not look to third parties for payment. If you would like a third party to be responsible for payment, GKL will require a credit card, check, cashiers check or money order prior to placement of an order. GKL charges all client credit cards at time of order in order to perform the work and advance fees to the appropriate state agency or third party. GKL does not accept foreign checks and all payments must be made in U.S. currency. GKL will charge a $25.00 fee for any returned check/stop payment.

GKL will deliver the client's documents via first class mail and email (if provided) at no additional charge. Any other delivery methods will be charged to the client at time of order. It is the client's responsibility to notify GKL in writing of any account changes. GKL will not be responsible for sending filed documents to an invalid address if not notified in writing prior to the order being placed with our office.

GKL guarantees its service and clients satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with our service, please contact our office during normal business hours and we will correct the situation. Please give our office 2-5 business days to resolve the situation and process your request. Unfortunately, GKL can't issue refunds or credits for funds issued to government agencies, such as filing fees or taxes, or to other third parties with a role in processing the client's request. To be fair to all of our clients, GKL can't issue any refunds or credits on GKL fees after 30 days from date of invoice. After 30 days from date of invoice, all orders will be considered completed and delivered as directed by the client.